Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are officially Cougars

Not in the Vivica A. Fox, Demi Moore, or Danielle from R.H.N.J(real housewives new jersery)way but in the BYU way. Preston got tickets to go to a game from his friend, and since Conway and I had no previous engagement we went along too. It  wasn't as bad as I thought a football game would be and once that sun set it was quite enjoyable. I'm not a good fan though, halfway through I told Preston we should switch sides and then we could be happy the other team won! Oh well another experience I can check off my list.

this was my view for most of the game.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get such a cute baby? I can't tell you (because I don't remember-but old)how old I was before I learned that football games don't have innings....Love ya-og

P.S. thanks for the picture update!

Kelli and Craig said...

Fun! I love that baby boy!

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

and you had THE BEST VIEW of anybody at that game!!! XOXO

lynda said...

so robert thought he had this great idea...inviting people over to watch BYU games. but i hate football. then he came home from studying and said preston told him you don't like football either, but that you were going to the game. ha ha. we can leave game watching to the boys and find something else to do!

lynda said...

p.s. have you seen the commercials for cougartown??

lynda said...

ok, so i only saw the last clip from this on tv, and i lol out loud! ha ha
click on more video, click next, and select get in the game. sorry this isn't about provo's the other kind of cougar ;)