Friday, June 12, 2009

New Me

   get funky with it

So having no money and no hope for money in the near future has given me some sadness, but it also given me some hope. Hope? you ask. 
Yes hope...FOR MY STYLE.
Presto and I went to some second hand stores yesterday and as I was looking around I felt like the possibilities were endless.
I felt like I did in high school, CREATIVE. Now, granted I went through some really weird phases in high school, but at least it was fun. I'm anxious to find new "old" things and make them my own. Really get funky with it. So ya'll watch out you might be embarassed  to be seen with me pretty soon..
I think while I'm in utah I might start posting pictures of my outfits everyday(or whenever they deem worthy), that way I wont get lazy... we'll see...


Kelli and Craig said...

Its gonna be awesome!

ed and brooke said...

I saw hilary today at the mall. I swear, she gets cuter every time I see her.

Im excited to see your new look. You'll look fantastic in provo.

Anonymous said...

Now how could you get more stylish or cuter than you already are?OG

hilari said...

og is right, you have more syle than anyone...slade said i should go on what not to wear.