Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've got my mind on my baby and my baby on my mind

So being pregnant is awesome.

me sa loves it.(thats jar jar binks jargon)

I want to buy lots of things for this baby, and in my dream world this is what I would buy:

I LOVE this crib. Its so modern.

and this dresser/changing table:

Believe it or not I found these on Walmart's website. too bad they are still a bit pricey for mama devz. darn this new outlook on money and trying to be smart with it.
Also I just LOVE all the small paul things for little boys. I can just picture cuddling him in this outfit:

and watching him play with these:

ahhhh all the stuff is so exciting, but mainly i'm just ready to have a Baby Conway to play with.


Mrs. Dub said...

I own a version of that Walmart crib, and while I like the way it looks, it was a beast to put together. I think the cheap Jenny Lind knock-offs out there are just as cute and a bit more old school.

p.s. I can't wait to meet Conway.

Welcome to the Woods said...

Hello neighbor! I love the crib-very cute! I had no idea how expensive baby stuff is! It's crazy- but so exciting and fun!

Chelsea said...

I love that stuff too! Come out little Conway!... We want to play with you and buy you lots of stuff!

Kelli and Craig said...

Cute, cute.